5 Do It yourself crafts for Christmas

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Make the Chritmas decorations personal by making it yourself. Better still get your kids along !!

Time to have fun & make merry.

Christmas is soon approaching and all of us are ready to bake the cake, decorate the house and the Christmas tree, make gifts and cards for our loved ones. Here are some easy peasy ideas for you and your kids which will keep them occupied. This will make your Christmas Eve more funky and glamorous.

1.Decorate the front door

Let’s look at a cool and easy way to decorate the front door. It will catch every passerby’s eyes.

Make a Wreath:

Take an old cycle wheel or any other wheel shaped thing that you might find lying in a corner of your junkyard.

Take different colored ribbons or wool. Wrap the wheel completely and neatly with the different colored ribbons and wool giving. You can also choose to make it in a single color as per your preference. Now take colorful thick papers preferably having a glossy look, cut then in different shapes like flowers, leaves, stars, hearts, snowman, balls. Decorate your wreath with these shapes as shown in the picture.


2.Decorate the Christmas tree

Collect some decoration items like small balls, colorful papers, shimmery ribbons, glitter and some cotton. Make different shapes like flowers, hearts, stockings, snowflakes etc. from the colored papers. To make them shiny apply a little glue over them and sprinkle different colors glitter. Take the balls and apply glue all over them nicely and them give them a good bath in glitter pond. Keep them aside to dry. Paste cotton randomly on tree to give it a look of snow.

You can also make confetti of shimmery papers and finally sprinkle all over the Christmas tree.


3.Snowman badges for your fun group.

Take some used cold drink bottle caps. Affix three caps verticly using a ribbon as shown in the picture.  At one end make a small hook of the ribbon for hanging. Make face by drawing eyes, nose and smile.

Wrap round a small scarf on the neck and decorate with some buttons or crystals.





4.Healthy chritmas lollypops for your party

Take tooth picks, grapes, sliced bananas and small marsh mellow cubes. Cut straw berries into two halves, take the lower half. Now first insert marsh mellow cube into the tooth pick, then straberry piece, banana slice and then grape.

Your christmas lollypops are ready to serve.

5.Countdown to Christmas

Take a Cardboard sheet. Paste a colorful, designer, glossy paper of your choise over it. Make a Santa Claus’ Face on It. Color your Santa as Shown in Picture or you can choose to paste colorful papers on it. Write the numbers of days remaining for Christmas starting from 1 on the beard as shown in the picture.Now add a cotton ball to the the Santa Beard everyday on the numbers, starting from 1.

Finally its Christmas and your Santa is ready with a white Cottony Beard.

Amidst all these interesting activities don’t forget to hang your over your chimney and put your old toys out in a Sack so that Santa can give it to unprivileged chidren.

Enjoy these chilly winters with a lots of fun activities and preparations for the Christmas. “Have Happy Vacations and a Merry Christmas”















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