7 Ways to Teach Your Kids the Art of Giving!

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It is an important emotion for kids to develop : compassion. Know more about the art of giving




Let’s start with one question! How often your kids refuse to share their birthday gifts with friends at a party? Many parents must have experienced their children getting possessive of their things, which they do not like to share or give to other fellow children. It is one trait that parents should really be worried of! No mother or father likes to see their child go uncaring about others as they grow up. Hence, inculcating the spirit of giving in the children should be at the highest priority in the parents’ agenda.


|According to Deborah Spaide, the author of ‘Teaching Your Kids to Care’ –


Children love being helpful (it makes them feel grown-up), and volunteering gives them the chance to experience the deeply rewarding payoff that comes from making someone else happy. |


Let’s take a look at 7 ways you can make your child go giving! 


1. Begin with creating three piggy banks for your kids. Ask them to create them for themselves. As unless kids are involved themselves, they won’t find this interesting. Ask your kid to keep one for saving, one for spending and one for the purpose of donations. Let him or her decide the amount he or she wants to give to charity.


Save and share money


2. Organize a kid’s charity event, wherein you along with your kids can sell the products you both made together. This could be the cupcakes, pastries or knitted clothes etc. Now ask your kid to donate the earned money to help someone in need.  


3. Make your kid’s birthday party a charitable one! Encourage the guests to bring non-perishable food items or clothes or toys that can be donated to the underprivileged children or street children. Make your son or daughter understand the importance of giving away on his or her birthday. Now, go to the orphanage or children’s hospital or any place you want to distribute gifts and let you kid give them all away from his or her own hands. This will make him or her happy!  In case of toys, ensure that they are in good conditions and do not hold any safety hazard to another child.  


4. Your kid may not wear all the clothes lying in his or her wardrobe. Ask him or her to sort out the unused ones or the ones he or she likes to wear. Now, encourage your kid to donate the unwanted clothes to the one in need. This activity will form a habit of giving unwanted items to those who are in need of them. 


Donate unwanted clothes


5. Undoubtedly, the value of time is precious. Giving away your time for the goodness of others can turn out to be a valuable teaching for your kid. You could cook a meal with your kids and then share it with your neighbors or help a senior person with gardening or cleaning the lawn. Keep your kid involved in the helping activities.  


6. Keep extra pens, pencils, folders or papers in your kids’ bag and brief him or her that these extra items are to share with his or her friends, if they do forget them to bring along.



7. Last but not the least, walk the talk. You can be a good role model to your kid. Children often adopt the habits from their surroundings and most importantly from their parents. Hence, if they witness the spirit of giving in you, it is most likely that they adopt the spirit faster than you have imagined.


"If parents do it, children will do it."


Hope you will try these activities and raise a giving cum graceful child for future!


Give your kid the gift of giving!





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