Backpacks: How to carry your life around with you?

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When it comes to staying organized, carrying multiple items at a time and traveling with your school supplies, a backpack simply can’t be beat! Experts agree that for students who must carry books and school supplies, a backpack is a far better option than messenger or shoulder bags.

Backpacks: How to carry your life around with you?

Whatever your reasons are for using a backpack, the convenience of having both hands free and carrying everything in one place are both attractive features. However, you can only enjoy the benefits of a backpack, if you know how to use one. For instance, did you know that if you’re a student, you should not carry more than 15% of your bodyweight in your bag. If you do so, you will seriously hurt your back. How can you avoid such a misstep?

The following tips will teach you how to correctly choose and use a backpack:

1.      When shopping for backpacks, select one that is waterproof and lightweight. You do not want it to be heavy from the start.

2.      Avoid purchasing a backpack with just one pocket. This means all your things will get clumped together. Select a backpack with several pockets. This will help to distribute the weight more evenly.

3.      When wearing your backpack, always use both shoulder straps. Opt for padded straps, so that they do not dig into your shoulders.

4.      Alter the height of the backpack so that it fits right behind your shoulders. Do this while standing straight.

5.      If while wearing your backpack you are leaning forward, then your straps need to be tightened further.

6.      Pack your bag with essentials only. Avoid extra items that are not required. This will unnecessarily increase the backpack’s weight.

7.      Be sure to give your backpack a thorough cleaning once a week. This helps to get rid of moldy food, germs and other unwanted items.

8.      At the end of your school term, give your backpack a thorough wipe down. It will increase the longevity of the backpack.

9.      Don’t simply toss everything into your backpack. Organize it neatly!

10.  Do not use your backpack for sports gear. Use a sports bag instead.

11.  Label your backpack (at least in a discreet place).

What are some other safety features you should keep in mind while using a backpack?

·         If you experience backaches, headaches or tingly feelings in your back or arms, then you need to readjust your shoulder straps. This is where padded shoulder straps are helpful.

·         While standing for long periods of time, do take off your backpack and prop it up on a stool or chair.

·         Make sure your straps are secured tightly. These tend to slip and loosen frequently. When wearing your backpack, it should fit just behind the shoulders. If it does not, your straps are too loose.

When it comes to carrying your life around in one place, a backpack simply can’t be beat. However, you must know how to select, wear and use it correctly in order to enjoy its benefits.

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