A healthy bath for your little one

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Splash, Splash, Splash… it’s time to give a bath to your kiddo.

But are you stressed over which soap to be used while showering your little one? Today a lot of hazardous chemical kid soaps are available in the market.

Usually, before the purchase of any baby soap, mothers have to go through a long process. They need to research about the baby soaps and ensure that they don't hurt their young one.Glycerin based soaps from Little Charms

So, let’s avoid such kinds of stress and give a healthy bath to your darling. Little Charms present you with newly designed chemical free kiddy soap. Trust us, when we say “chemical free” soaps, as we give a special priority to the wellbeing of your kid.

We have always given prime importance to the needs and requirements of your little one. Bringing out this chemical free kid soap is also a part of our responsibility towards your kid.

The kiddy soap presented by Little Charms offers a great fragrance and will arouse freshness within the kids. Our soap works like a charm to keep your kid looking fresh all throughout the day. The cute designs of teddy , car , heart , flower , smiley and many more will surely enchant your little one.

The natural elements of the soap remove dirt and help to keep your little one clean and tidy. As said, our soaps do not carry any chemicals such as SLS or SLES. Our kid soaps are also free from chemical ingredients such as EDTA and BHT, which causes discoloration.  Thus, we ensure a safe bath for your prince or princess.

Customization is the highlighted feature of our new range of baby soaps. You can design or imprint the name of your little one on the soap to increase the charming look of the product. What more , we can do them as a gift basket for you with soap shapes of your choice to make a fragrant , economic and unique party favor. We have always tried to bring in the name of the little ones on all our products to make them feel special.

We offer exclusively handmade baby soaps by using natural ingredients such as oil, glycerin or distilled water. We have a broad range of skilled people engaged in designing handmade baby soaps. Like us, they too take the responsibility of giving your little one a healthy and enjoyable bath.

Instead of using chemicals, we focus more on utilizing glycerin during the making of these baby soaps. Natural glycerin will offer a smooth skin to your little one, and it also prevents the skin from drying. These soaps ensure a safer bath to kids with sensitive skin.

We make sure that our kiddy soaps do not cause any adverse effect or irritation on your child’s body. Does your child suffer from skin problems such as psoriasis or eczema? Do not worry, as our baby soaps can be used on kids suffering from the above-mentioned skin disorders. The natural moisturizer used in our soap keeps your baby’s skin soft and hydrated throughout the day.

We ensure a healthy bathing process with our baby soap, and it will be a great fun time for moms as well as the kids. Indirectly, we help you to increase the development of your kid through a fresh and nourishing bath.

Grab our new range of customized and chemical free baby soaps today and gain an impressive turn during your baby’s bathing session and also to make your gifting a little more unique.

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