Jazz Up your room decor by Little Charms

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The following special little touches will jazz up your child’s room decor:

Are you bored with the current look of your child’s bedroom? Do you want your child’s room to have a personal touch? Are you looking for something as unique and special as your little one? Little Charms has the solution!

The following special little touches will jazz up your child’s room decor:

Name Frames

Little Charms has beautiful name frames that will perfectly compliment your child’s existing decor. These frames surround your child’s name with

 a beautiful meaning and personalized message from yourself. At Little Charms, these personalized name frames are available in two variations depending on what interests your child. For girls, choose from a beautiful flower or princess photo frame. For boys, you may select from a car or football frame. Each of these trendy frames are available in bright colours like yellow, red and pink. This is a treasured keepsake that your child will surely keep throughout his or her lifetime.


Zodiac Cushion Covers

Is your child a charming Libra or an energetic Arian? Capture your child’s spirit with Little Charms’ cute and colourful, zodiac cushion covers. These cushions are 12” by 12” and will look perfect on your child’s bed or chair. The symbol of your child’s zodiac is printed on one side with a colourful theme printed on the back. The entire cushion is made from organic cotton prints and printed in vibrant colours. It will make your child’s bedroom more cheerful and lively.

Sunita Sharma, who purchased this item for her son states, “My Nikhil loves this cushion so much that he uses it as a sleep pillow. The material is very soft and the colors are perfect for a child.”



If you want your child’s room to make a bold statement, hang up a bunting with your child’s name on it. Little Charms has buntings in six unique themes which include sports, transport, quirky monster, barnyard, flower & butterfly and princess. These buntings are so versatile that they can be hung on the wall, over the bed or nailed to the entrance door. Little Charms’ buntings are appliqued and edged in complimentary colours and are stitched using cotton voile lining. The design elements are further enhanced with foam applique cut-outs. 


Deepika Khanna purchased a bunting for her son Kavish. She states, “Kavish loves his transport themed bunting. He is just 3 years old and used it to let everyone know that this is his room.”


Wall Art 

Got a budding Picasso or Michelangelo in your midst? Capture your child’s artistic side with Little Charms’ selection of various wall art. You can choose from four different themes which include mesmerizing mermaid, jungle friends, winter love and butterfly & friends. Your child’s wall art will also include his or her name in it as a personal touch. You can easily hang this beautiful artwork in any part of the room. It will surely act as the focal point.


If you want to add a little color, vibrance and jazz to your child’s bedroom, consider any of the above mentioned Little Charms room decor. They offer great value for money and are as unique as your little one! 

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