Color wisdom for kids room

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Get to know hoe colors have different effect on the behavior of kids how you can make a wise color choice for their room




When parents set out to do up their kids room , there so many things : furniture , floorings , décor , curtains,etc.  to be conceptualized and matched. But the underlying  concept which could be the starting point of your kids room décor is the Color theory.


Kids are extra sensitive towards colors and hence the effect of it on the kids emotions , feelings and learning should be considered well. Colors have a strong impact on kids in terms of mind development,  character building,  world-view and the future life.


Each kid is a different individual and will have different choices and response to the use of colors in their room. But these few generalizations might help you get started.


We analyze here 10 colors and its effect when used as the color scheme for kids room.


Red : In Hindu mythology where red is associated with the anger of goddess durga , it is also the auspicious color to be worn by bride. So red can as much  stimulate energy as it can enhance creativity. Red color can give great boost to self confidence but for an already restless or hyperactive kid it is best used only as accents against a pale backdrop.  Too much of red can have an overpowering effect and can lead to headaches, poor sleep and nightmares. Use this color sparingly for kids room.





Red and orange used as accents



Yellow : The sancity of yellow turmeric used in hindu rituals and prayers finds the same effect when used in décor. Yellow fills us with feelings of happiness  and cheerfulness. This color helps the kid to concentrate on studies better and gives them  motivation  aided  with positive thinking. That’s why it is used liberally in play schools also because it revives the spirit, stimulates the brain, and increases the speed of perception and decision making. . Yellow is the universal color for children of all ages from newborns to teenagers.


Universal yellow


White : The color white in Indian flag symbolizes honesty , purity and knowledge. Very similar is its effect on children as it increases the self-esteem of a shy kid and brings hope to all. But white definitely needs to juxtaposed with bright colors so that there is an optimum balance of tranquility and energy.


White with colors



Green : An agrarian country like India denotes special importance to color green as we associate it with abundance and prosperity. So this is one color which can be used in abundance in the kids room. It naturally creates relaxing conditions but at the same time improves  attention , growth and desire for knowledge. It is found that green improves reading speed and comprehension.


Free use of green


Gray : This neutral color often invites reactions like being dull and  gloomy. It is found to cause loneliness and isolation. But it is also interesting to know that gray stands for stability and confidence too. If used in a teenagers room , it can provide a great backdrop to the colorful life they are starting and the bright colored accessories that can be used freely set against gray.


Gray with highlights


Orange :  Another fire color like red , this one helps get rid of loneliness and fear. But unlike red , it is not known to incite anger or aggression. It increases appetite and so can be used for lean kids. It surely forms a great color for accents.


Blue : Associated with Lord Krishna blue has a calming and intellectual effect. Blue finds it’s best usage in rooms of kids who  experience tantrums or other behavioral problems. This color brings in organization and devotion which is a very desired quality in kids.


Cool Blue


Pink :  Not just a girly color , but a color that infuses comfort , relief and positivity. Pink is known to dissolve negativity and bring about love and passion. It naturally becomes every girls favorite and too many of her belongings are pink. So it is better use the lightest of the shades as the background and use artworks or curtains in dark pink.


Light pink walls with dark pink decor



Purple :  Another color strongly considered to be girly but is associated with royalty and ambition. It is known to incite creativity , wisdom and passion. For children it inspires sensitivity and compassion. But if your girl is already soft and sensitive avoid using this color as it will make her all the more emotional . Purple however can be used very well  with light yellow or pink elements.


Purple with light yellow


Black : is a bold color to be used in a kids room and it can be very well given a consideration if the child has a liking for it because if he does it just symbolizes that your kid believes in doing his own thing and will eventually create a world which will be unique in its own way. These kids may seem to come across as rebels but also go on to become very strong characters. You might  use  black in highlight or lightings/chandeliers.


Black as highlighter



The most important things in kid's room decoration is comfort of your child. Be careful with bright colors, accents and accessories, pay attention to space planning and proportions, consider his or her age and preferences and you will be successful.


If you don't feel that you can do it by yourself, ask for a professional advice and your kids will grow in a happy and healthy environment , developing their best qualities and talents.




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