Helping disorganized kids become organized

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It is important to imbibe qualities like discipline in kids from an early stage. Little Charms can help you with on how


Have your tried to cajole your kid into organizing his school but failed.


You know what the prime reason could be.


They find it boring. At the worst , they don’t see the purpose of doing the routine activity when they that eventually everything will spill over to become a mess again.


The sooner you help your kids out with the art of keeping their stuff organized,  the better it is.


According to Dr. Michele Borba , a parenting expert , the secret to teaching organizational skills is to take on just one troubling issue at a time, find a simple solution that fits your child, and then stick to it until that new organization system becomes a habit.


Making a time table , teaching them to work as per priorities , making to-do-lists for each day are all activities which will nuture a complete personality of your child.


The issue we at little charms can resolve for you is by making their storage ideas more attractive.


It would be a good idea to pep up your kids storage ideas so that they can be more than willing to use them and hence they could be lured into using them all the time.


Our latest product launch of file folder does exactly the same , it helps disorganized kids become organized by giving them a space to keep all their documents or project papers or sketches in one place and at the same time it’s design and personalization adds the special charm of being exclusive.




Interlined with foam and thereafter a bag lining , this sturdy piece can carry loads of docs.


Velcro closure on flap ensures safety while contrast edging gives a striking appeal.


Ideal for students across all ages , this product is befitting for kids from 8-14 years of age.  


The design and functionality makes it an ideal option as birthday return gift too.




To complete its versatility we can coordinate it with a stationery pouch or a multipurpose pouch.


Adding a journal would be just the cherry on the cake.


So what are you waiting for, just hop on to our online store and order folders for your kids , nephews and nieces.


We can personalize and customize as per choice because as you know we just love doing it !




Happy Shopping !







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