Birthday invites for kids – free printables

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Make birthday of your kid all the more fun with these free printables  



Sending out the birthday invites for kid’s party is a herculean task.


But its well worth it if a little effort is put in making this precursor to your themed party a well chosen design.


By the time we are doing the perfect themed birthday return gift for you from our catalogue; why make something out of  these beautiful suggestions for birthday invites that we have compiled for you.


You can easily save these free templates on your computer , customize them using any text editing software like MS-Word , Page ( Mac) or Open Document


Add your own text and images to make it truly unique and personal.


Best part ----they are free printables , you just need take them out on gloss or matte finish paper.


Tips to customize and print templates


Since these are fully editable and customizable designs , you can use them for a variety of events apart from birthday party also . Like sleepovers , day outs, excursions , costume party etc. Try doing different combinations of fonts too. Once you are happy with the results just put your home desktop printer to use or take the design to  near by commercial shop ( our photocopy wala…they do desktop printing also )


Remember to use a dense bonded craft paper. It will give your invitation a professional look.


Your local stationery shop can provide you with colored envelopes also for the invites.


Tips to design a better invite


Although the templates provided just require you to input your party specifics still it is interesting to understand the different parts of the design


The title/ invitation request : is usually the focus point of invite. It send out the message loud and clear.


Now you can make so that it defines the event like ‘Ria turns 4’ or to the theme of the party ‘Hello kitty party ‘  or simply ‘Sleepover night’.


Name of the honoree : First goes the kids name , who’s special day is being celebrated. However if you have mentioned it in the title phrase then no need to repeat. Else you can mention ‘Aryan invites you’ or ‘You are invited to Aryans birthday ‘ . Highlight the kids name using a different color or making that font bold


Date and time : Information regarding this has to be in clear format with date , day of the week and time of day , evening , afternoon etc. You should mention the time slot if you have arranged the party at on outside venue because those people are bound by time limitations and  so should your guests understand.


Location : complete address of the venue be it your home , hotel , playarea , party lawn etc. It will be a good idea if you can print a small map on the over side of the invite if it’s a new location .


Near by landmarks or lanes can be mentioned.


Host name : here goes your name along with your spouse . If however you want to give the credit for all the efforts to your kid , you  may put his/her name here


R.S.V.P. :  is the short for French “répondez, s’il vous plaît” which means ‘Please reply’


Now this is very important for you personally to do the head count. The guests can reply you back with their availability for the event. You need to mention your contact numbers and email if you want.


So finally , after all the theory here are the invites that we have compiled that became our favorites.




Summers are here and we are loaded with orders for summer play dates and pool parties. Yes its for kids !  So here is a perfect invite for the same.


Click here







Invariably princess theme has been the favorite birthday party theme of all times .So here’s one for it.


Click here to download





If you are organizing an ever lovable Mickey party , get this cool invite for it.


Click here






A lovely theme that goes well across all ages . This is an e-invite to be sent over mail

Click here






The most adorable and sought after themes for boys.


Click here for pdf






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