Hosting a Treasure Hunt Party

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The following are some interesting and out of this world ideas you can use to make your Treasure Hunt Party extra special:

Want to throw a birthday party for your child that he will remember forever? How about a treasure hunt party? Imagine the look on your guests’ faces when they walk into a home that is completely decorated in pirate-themed paraphernalia. It will set the mood for the entire occasion. Children love the idea of solving clues, finding hidden surprises, performing stunts and pretend-playing.  A pirate-themed party is the perfect way to incorporate all these these aspects.

At Little Charms, we have many unique and creative decorative items and party favours to make your treasure hunt party a success with the kids. The following are some interesting and out of this world ideas you can use to make your Treasure Hunt Party extra special:


What better way to invite your young guests than to hand out invitations shaped like a scroll or a treasure chest. The invitation can be written in “pirate language”. For example, “Ahoy there! Our little pirate Sammy is turning 5.” To give an additional pirate-like feeling, choose an appropriate font for the invite such as Pirate Keg, Vinique, Treasure or Bones. You may also consider texturing the invite so that it appears antique. 





At Little Charms, we have a whole host of pirate and treasure hunt themed decorations. To start, you can hang up a pirate-themed wall bunting with your child’s name on it. On the walls, consider affixing a palm tree wall decal. Make a life size cutout of a pirate without the face. and place a green parrot on it.  Children will standing in the cut-out to have their picture taken. You can also hang up balloons with various pirate motifs. Don’t forget to hang up a large balloon filled with gold coins in the center of the room. At the culmination of the party, you can have your birthday boy pop it! Pirate eye patches, plastic swords, pirate hats and pirate noise makers are also a must! Be sure to include napkins, paper cups and plates in similar motifs. A cake shaped like a treasure chest will help you tie your theme together. 


What treasure hunt birthday celebration is complete without a few pirate games? One that will surely get your little guests going is a fun treasure hunt. Create a path with clues that lead to a hidden treasure chest filled with chocolate gold coins and miniature toys. Hand out mini maps with clues to all the party guests. This game will keep them occupied for some time. Other fun games to try include peg-leg races, walking the plank and fishing for treasure. 

Party Favours:

What better way to culminate the birthday celebrations than to hand out pirate themed party favours. At Little Charms, we have personalized wall organizers, sun caps and favor bags and many similar items that are pirate themed. In addition, you can use our favor bags in your treasure/candy hunt. This will motivate the children to search even harder for the hidden candy.

Hosting a Treasure Hunt party is an exciting, fun-filled and memorable way to celebrate your child’s birthday. 

Here's the range of Party Favors from Little Charms:


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