Little Charms visits Agrasar

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Little Charms visits Agrasar, a non-profit organisatio providing holistic education to children from underprivileged backgrounds through community based centers.

Soiled clothes , messy hair , dirty hands and a class full of rowdy kids was what we were expecting on our first visit to the NGO on a bright Friday morning. But we were in for a surprise. We were greeted with 1000 watt radiant smiles and a chorus of good morning from the spontaneous group of spic and span kids of Agrasar school at Islampur , Gurgaon.

Team Little Charms wanted to share a bit of the love received from our clients with the under privileged kids of urban village in Gurgaon. For this we teamed up with Agrasar foundation which is an NGO based in Gurgaon working in the field of Vocational Training and Education of local youth and migrants and are doing a commendable job of imparting early education to kids of these villages in the corners of the millennial city. They also provide Skill training & institutional suppoert to enhance the employability of disadvantaged youth & facilitate their placements.

Our founder , Roshni Baronia , took a workshop on the importance of one’s name. ‘What’s in a name after all ‘ wrote Shakespeare. Well, we say the world. So we tried to understand how each name has a meaning , how it defines the personality and how our identify corresponds to this name. It got exciting when the kids started deciphering meaning of their names and sharing a little stories on how their parents  got to give them that name.

We also sang a few movie songs to make the minutes a little fun. We then got into conducting an art workshop where we taught them to do finger painting. We had got a few blank cards and we wanted them to fill those with their creativity and colors. So they made lovely finger smileys on the cards and we gave them a little note to write on it. It was so heartening to see these kids write so well in English the little thank you message and then inscribe their names in each of the cards. Dear customers, you will be receiving one of these cards in each of our orders being dispatched hence forth J

It was now their lunch time and when we distributed their snack boxes .We couldn’t have expected more discipline and order from any of the other big city schools. So you see , way of conduct is not defined by which strata of society one belongs to , but by education and a little hand holding. A lot of credit goes to the dedicated teachers and team of Agrasar who are tirelessly carving out gems out of these raw stones.

It was time to go now but our heart stayed with those kids. We so much want to go back there each day but of course that would not be possible as we have commitments towards you also. But we surely will be visiting the school once every month to share your and our love with these amazing kids.

We believe in bringing smiles and this will be our another extension now and always  :-)

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