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Get some utility based storage solutions from the house of Little Charms



Teaching kids the art of staying organized is a Herculean task. We helplessly get into arguments with them or end up putting things back to their places ourselves.


But why not make this activity a little fun so that the kids are able to develop a habit that will help them in the coming years.




We at Little Charms do this by making these special personalized organizers which we have innovated solely with the same purpose in mind.


Find here our top 5 products that can help kids organize their stuff


Clip organizer : We so much love to pamper  our little darlings by getting them  a new hair band or beads  every we go to the market but forget that we also end up having so many of them . We give you a solution in these pretty clip organizers that will not only help your princess get all her favorites in one place but will also deck up the walls or cupboard ( where ever you plan to hang it ! )

PS : inspite of its spacious size , you might need to get two for her , accessories for girls are way too much !!


store hair accessories for girls



Utility pouch : This is the best innovation that we have come up with because as its name suggestes , it’s a utility item for every boy and girl. With see through pockets the kids can use this pouch to house stationery or jewelry or hair clip or make up ( cutie pies look so adorable with that ! )


storage solution for kids



Favor bag : This particular product has so much versatality that even our  thinking can’t match the multiple purposes it can be used for. Your son is fond of paintings ? This bag can hold all his art brushes together. Your toddler has way too many shoes ? Keep them safely in this soft covering. Wanna give lots of small little favors for the birthday party. Load them togther in these pretty gift bags to add the final zing. Best part is that you can get it customized as per  your size requiremnt also.


gifts bags for kids



Art tote : An artist can be overwhelmed by his love to play with colors even when he is on a flight. So why not pack your little artist’s art supplies in this personalized tote when he his travelling for his vacations ? We know colors can get a little messy sometimes….well actually all the times ! But that issue is also covered. Just give the tote an easy home wash….its fabric and can be cleaned easily.


store art supplies of kids



Wall organizer : Why should girls have all the fun. Boys too will have their rooms pepped up with these wall organizers where they can keep their little story books or all their transformers superhero action figures. Newborn baby stuff can find its place in each of the three pockets….nappies in one , baby creams in another and a teddy saying hello  from  another.



storage solution for kids and babies




We are so obssesed with creating storage ideas for kids that we keep toying with new ideas to create new products for the same. Doing precisley that yet another day we came along a Toy Bag. This sack can be so useful in keeping all the lego blocks or building blocks that our lives will become so much more managable.The peekaboo pocket lets the kid see which sack he is gonna pick today to accomplish ! Boxes become restictive in size . But these bags give the felxibility of adding any and every piece of the toy. You can have as many to keep  your kids place organized because thay are so colorful and chic. To get these you don’t have to go far , we are very soon launching it at our store littlecharms.net


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