Keep Your Kids Engaged In Summer Activities – Why?

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Summer vacations are soon to arrive!! Have you planned your kids’ vacations yet?

 How are you going to spend the coming 60 days with your beautiful children? No, do not think of let them spend all the time at home, watching TV, surfing internet or eating junk food, doing nothing at all as that is the most common way how average students spend their summer holidays time.


Rather, it is a good idea to engage your kids in activities that will help enhance their skill sets for future learnings.  Even two hours a day in some productive work will turn out beneficial for your children in the longer run.


In his book ‘foetus to fifth grade’Dr. David V Schapira, an internationally known physician who has written and researched extensively on parenting issues, emphasizes that parents should learn and imply the right way to engage with their children, no matter what their age. This becomes extremely important when kids are on summer vacations or when they remain at the home with parents for a longest period.


Why should let them indulge into watching TV or playing indoor games or having junk food during those days? Instead, it is advisable to go out and let them play while using their own imaginations. 

This can happen only when you keep your kids involved in some activity of their interests.


For example, some kids may be very good in sports and show keen interest in playing badminton, tennis or cricket or hockey, while some would like to explore swimming, some would be interested in the arts and crafts. Those who do not want to do any activity must keep reading books on daily basis.



It is believed that when summer learning is missed out, it becomes harmful for children’s physical and academic health as they tend to forget whatever they have learnt during the course or less likely to be physically active.


Some known facts -


1.       According to an American research studies, young students have been witnessed a loss in learning if not engaged in some educational activities during the summers.

|Research spanning 100 years shows that students typically score lower on standardized tests at the end of summer vacation than they do on the same tests at the beginning of the summer.|


2.       Children count at high risk of obesity—gain weight more rapidly when they are out of school during summer break.


There are various factors that can determine whether the summer learning program is of the high quality or not. While choosing summer activities, consider these six elements.



1.       Activity that exposes your kid to new adventures, skills or ideas. That could be a nature walk, learning new skills in computer, visiting places of historical significance, attending live events etc. Travelling to a new place will add to their learning experience by exposing them to a new culture, a different language and new cuisines. This can get educative for them. You could also ask your kids to have a look on the map and direct you all.


2. Choose programmes that will help the kid in developing skills like reading, writing, science in a fun and engaging way.

| According to a University of Tennessee study, reading is important to the summer learning equation. Children who do not read in the vacation months lose two-to-three months of reading development. This creates a three-to-four month learning gap annually and causes the non-readers to fall behind.|


3. Find out what your kid loves doing or is showing passion towards. Then, enrol him or her in the course that will allow your kid to explore his or her area of interest. This activity could be anything from cooking to playing guitar or games etc.


4. You could also choose programs that will involve your kid in some group activity. This could be a social development program such as visiting orphanage and bonding with the underprivileged kids, or cleaning routine in your society where kids can participate etc.


5. Activity that may encourage your kid to inculcate healthy habits in order to achieve his or her goals. Make him or her involve in some outdoor activity.


6. High school kids can choose to do internshipsin some area of their interests like film projects, advertising, hospitality etc. to add to their learning experience on the grounds. Inspire your children to take the summer jobs.



|According to, a research shows that kids who aren’t academically engaged during the summer start the school year behind where they ended the previous year. |


7. Those who are academically behind should chose these period of two months to improve on their weakest subject and reach the same level as of the other merit students. It is very important to keep the kids intellectually active during vacations too. For example, if they are weak in Mathematics or Grammar, they can pay attention to learning these subjects’ basics or tricks and practice.


Children are full of energy! After a few days of relaxations, they will be ready to take on the new challenge, which they can share with their buddies post summer vacations. Let them earn a story out of their vacations.


Hope, now you are clear why you should not let those two months of vacations go waste in gaining nothing in terms of learning and experiences!


Happy Parenting! :-)





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