School's out! Summer Survival tips for Mums

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Long awaited summer vacations are finally here. These vacations are usually the favourite time of every kid.

The long breaks, accompanies freedom of waking up late in the morning, no more getting ready early and rushing for the school bus, no more daily homework, a lot of ice creams, games, pool parties and much more. Especially during the late mornings till late evenings, the temperatures are soaring high to let kids go for outdoor activities. It is a very tricky task for us, Mommies, to find some activities to keep kids engaged all through this time. Most of the mommies strive for ideas to keep children engaged in activities, from which they can learn something new and mommies can have bit of time for themselves and not feel guilty about it.

Here we have some easy and interesting activities for kids, which can keep them engaged for hours. 

Butterfly Toy Bucket

It is a very easy yet an engaging activity for kids. For this beautiful chalkboard butterfly bucket, you will require a bucket or a box, contact paper, pencil, chalkboard paint and a tooth brush. After collecting the required material all you have to do is to d

raw a butterfly or any other symmetrical shape on a contact paper. Then fold the paper in half, and cut the image. Next fix the contact paper on the bucket/box and spray the chalkboard paint over it. For an added attraction outline the butterfly for a special effect.Ask your child to write a beautiful message on the butterfly every day.

Create your own Animal Pictionary

Making an attractive animal Pictionary is an informative and engaging activity for kids. Ask your kids to collect few pictures of their favourite animal. They can use internet, old books and newspaper etc. for collecting pictures. Now ask them to paste pictures of these animals on a blank paper and write facts about them (for example they can write about their habitat, eating habits, their babies and as much information as they can collect about that animal). Also make an attractive cover page for you your Pictionary. This activity is sure to keep them engaged for hours and is definitely going to increase their knowledge and vocabulary. Note: They can choose any topic of their choice, animal Pictionary is just an example.

Make a bird bath in this heat

Look for a flat container and show your creativity on it. Use bright colours and crystals to decorate your container. After they have completed designing their container, ask them to place it on the balcony slab or outside the home. Now ask them to put some pebbles and stones in to make its base heavy. And now it’s your kid’s duty to pour some fresh water in it every day for the birds, squirrels etc. to drink water from it. 

Make a small garden inside the house or in the balcony

Let our kids do their bit to protect our environment. Tell them about global warming and ask them to make a small garden inside the house or in the balcony. For this activity ask them to collect some old containers (e.g. bottles, jars, pots) from the house. Let them colour them nicely and convert them into beautiful planters.  Now help them grow plants in these planters and ask them to water these plants every day and watch them grow. 

Try out these ideas with the kids. Have a more interesting, meaningful and full of fun Vacation time!

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