Top 5 kids friendly vacation spots in India

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Get a first on review for the best kid friendly vaction spots in India with kids


Have you done the bookings for your summer vacations 2015 yet?


If haven’t  , do check our suggestions for Top 5 kids friendly vacation spots in India


Why are they top 5….. because I am giving hands on review from my personnel experience of visiting these places  and am sure you will find points to agree with me.




Did you know that Radha nagar beach of Andaman is counted among 100 best beaches of the world? Well now you know ! When you see the sun setting at the horizon beyond the  crystal clear ocean you too will agree to this befitting honor.


Every beach at Andamans has a special feature .Some are good to see the corals . Some for cruisng. Some for watersports while others  are  inviting you to take a splash into them. The authority keeps the beaches spic and span which is worth an appreciation. On this archipelago  your kids will love to do the the water skiing , snorkeling,  motor boats , scuba diving and sea walking: an out of the world experience where you go to the ocean bed to view the colorful marine life ( and even feed them bread !!)


A visit to cellular jail and seeing the light and sound show will fill your kids with patriotism. The history of this place is full of atrocities but today it proudly boasts of being a crime free city.


The cruise ride on catamaran will especially be enjoyed by your kids as the crew are welcoming enough to teach the kids how to steer a ship.


Only, you have to visit this place before the onset of monsoons which starts mid of May. And also please be generous with sunscreen application ;-)


5 cool vacation spots in india





 You may not get to see sky high mountain peaks here but they are just right for your kiddo to taste the fun of trekking. A cozy and comfortable hilly destination where you don’t go much round and round the mountains to reach your destination. This makes your kids feel less nauseating. Consequently  you can enjoy more !


 You can introduce your kids to a variety of fauna that this place has. We got to see a pumpkin sized onion when we were there!


Pachmari has lots of waterfalls. Kids can spend hours having  fun in them while you can catch nap under the trees.


Perfect place to relax!


kid friendly tourist spots india



 When that name comes up,  you instantly think of tea gardens.


 Yeah sure we too got all varieties of green tea , brown tea and all the sorts.


But what the kids will enjoy the most is definitely the toy train. In this fast paced world this ride comes as a whiff of fresh air. Imagine there is a house with a fruit basket kept near the window. You can grab an apple out of it from this train ! It’s that close !!


 The kids can feel the rich heritage of British rule as well as experience the discipline of Buddhist life in the monastery.


The only downside is that sightseeing involves a lot of driving up and down the hill. Nausea you see …I  have a problem with it L


But as they say , no gain without pain J


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( Credit for writing the following piece goes to our friend Vishakha Maheshwari)


KERALA - A voyage to God’s own country


Kerala is a destination where you can find everything from hills to beaches to backwaters. A trip perfect for  those, who are short on time yet want to explore a lot. Its cuisine is something which you will never want to miss. We are a big fan of seafood and just gorged on prawn curry.


A seven day trip to Kerala includes your travelling to Munnar and Wayand- the area of hills where you can enjoy the serene beauty and be a part of greenery that you can never experience in your busy life. Kids can try their hands on some adventurous sports like water surfing, kayaking, and rafting . It  will give them an ultimate bonanza of fun and they will find a new love in water sports.


You can also visit the Periyar national park if the kiddos  have an interest in the wildlife and you want to give them the adrenaline  rush of exploring  animals closely. You can’t miss the  beaches such as the Kovalam or Allapuzha beach to have a stroll at a place where the sky has no boundaries nor does the ocean.


And, the best thing  to enjoy is an overnight stay at a houseboat where you can be in the middle of the sea gazing at the stars and enjoy your surroundings.


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( Credit for writing the following  piece goes to Dhruv Baronia )



 Okay, enough adventure and nausea. Let’s just rest at one of India’s most beautiful recreational spots, with a riveting history: the “Pink City , Jaipur. After staying there for just a week, I was in love with the breathtakingly lavish forts! The Ajmer Fort, standing majestically atop a winding hill(no nausea this time….) recounts the tales of bygone wars. The Jal Mahal floats delicately on a pond,  looking like the lotus from which Lord Brahma was  conceived. It looks awesome. And finally, the piece de resistance, the Hawa Mahal. The pretty stained glass and the abundant windows make the Hawa Mahal are marvelous place. It sends your mind to an age , when joyful cries of maidens punctuated the air.


Don’t forget to gorge on the Rajasthani cuisine. Its yumilicious!


But  don’t spend all your time in these desolated forts. The life is in the main city! With colors , mirros work , jewellery and home décor items all around you are definitely on a shopping spree.


Really, Jaipur is the best hotspot of culture in India.


Don’t miss it for the world!


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So that is our compilation for the best kid friendly vacation spots in India.


Do share your experiences  if you have visited them


Add ons  to the list are most welcome


Happy Holidays !





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