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Learn how to help your child adjust well to the new grade


With session breaks getting over its time for a new school year. Whether your kid is going school for the first time or getting promoted to the next grad , Back to School time is always a big transition. So it’s always a good idea to prepare your kids for this a few days ahead ….and of course yourself too !






Early to bed early to rise:


 Bedtime is the first routine that gets upset with the onset of holidays. You needn’t be very hard with this but it’s good to reintroduce the normal schedules for this at least in the last week. Taking them out for an early morning walk or cycling or park visit can be the motivation to get them out of bed early even on holidays.

Normalizing the sleeping patterns is essential  else the kids might feel tired and drained out in the early days of school due to sudden onset of early rising and hectic school routines.


Start talking about the new grade:


 New grade will obviously tougher in terms of syllabus and study patterns. To add to these, introduction of new teachers and if class reshuffling happens then kid might face emotional rupturing too because of loosing of old friends .  In this situation it helps talking to them in a sublime manner about things they can look forward to. Help them in setting new goals for this year and ways in which you will celebrate them. Like maybe striving for a particular role in the annual day function or the fun of learning the third language that has been introduced in this academic year.




Get organized well in advance : 


Stationary , books , bags  , uniforms…..a long list to be ticked off. Get your kid’s 100% participation in doing all this . If he gets to choose his school supplies, it will double his excitement to go for the new academic session. He will look forward to use all his  belongings.


Study time :


 For kids who get regular home work from school , make an half hour slot for studies a week or two prior to the reopening of school. For the elder kids you may get a practice book of the previous grade to finish in this time. This will reinforce the topics that have been studied and prepare them to have regular study hours before they feel pressurized with the higher grade studies.


Get together :


 An amazing relaxation trick could be organizing a big family or friends dinner or picnic before the school reopens. This way the kids will have a nice finishing to their holidays and also meet their cousins and friends to discuss about their school and new grade. You may host a role play game picking up characters or stories from chapters of the new course books.



All said and done , the most important thing to do as parents is to BE POSITIVE with their children about the coming year. They are excited as well as apprehensive about the new session. If you walk hand in hand with them in praising them for each of their accomplishments as well as supporting at the time of failures , every grade year will be something they will look forward to !


All the Best ...






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