Why getting our clip organizer makes sense for you

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Get some 'how to use ' tips for our hottest selling product the Hair clip organizer


Little angels look so adorable with their cute flowery head bands and sparkling hair clutches.  Each dress has to have its matching hair accessories. And whenever they ask for one another piece of it , you can’t say no to their angelic smile.


But thereafter , it’s so difficult to keep all of this stuff organized in way that it is easy to search and  grab at the time of rush.


We bring  to you  a solution that’s gonna make your life so much more simpler.


Our innovative hair clip organizers will help you manage all the hair accessories of your kiddo in one place with ease.


We have two variations: a big clip organizer 16x26 inch size and a medium size 10x26 inch

10x26 inch





16x26 inch

The big one is ideal for your darling by keeping all the expensive partywear do ups in them. It can be conveniently hanged on a clothes hanger on a nail or inside the wardrobe.


Two zippered pockets can be used to keep jewelry  and goggles.


Four small transparent pockets can be home to little danglers and hair beads.


Four sturdy strings to hang all the hair bands and clips .


You may even put clutches along the sides of the organizer


The smaller variation becomes an ideal gifting option for girls on any occasion be it their birthday or festivals.


Like the big organizer it has four strings for clips and hair bands. A zippered pocket on top with two  transparent  pockets at the bottom.


We have done some favorite girlie themes for our hair clip organizers.


Choose form butterfly , cupcake , mermaid , doll or princess themes. Since we are customization shop you may very well ask us to do some of your preferred design motif to go in for your girl’s room décor.


Putting it all together in this organizer you get storage , decor , personalization and peace of mind all in one ! So it does make sense to get one right?











Happy shopping !




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